"Fresh off the plane, konichiwa bitches"... DJ Envy one foot off the plane straight to The Shop. Fresh off his tour in Japan. WE SEE YOU ENVY!!!



Pharrell, Rob from Alife, Kaws & Phillip
Rob Walker & Johnny Cake

Teyana Taylor and Johnny Cake
DMC from RUNDMC and Johnny Cake
Johnny Cake. "yall just mad cause he stylin' on you".

Johnny Cake and CNN herself a.k.a. Miss Info.
Duro, Johnny and Big Ben keeping it under control.
Man in white shirt, Swizz Beats, Johnny Cake and Pusha-T


The Twins

The Twins (DEE&RICKY) best known for their line of LEGO belt buckles....check out their website: www.deeandricky.com Dudes on the come up!! SCOTT the great in the back making sure business gets done right... I see you boy!

NYC Flagship Store


Grand opening of NYC (BBC-ICECREAM) store on west Broadway between Houston & Spring st. OH! almost forgot Hov and Nigo came out to support>> great look!!


The SHOP re-mix

The Shop recommends: For all you rappers, mixers and producers (wannabes...jk) check out this site and show off your work.



The Shop offers a safe and sound enviroment thanks to our round-the-clock security GuARRd aka Yoshie

BBC (Look book) photo shoot in MIAMI.

Sneak peek pictures!! Check out their upcoming season BBC/ICE CREAM look book on their website.

Benz SLR!!

Only way I get around in South Beach. All i have to do is ask P for the keys don't get it twisted.... then I b rolling a.ka BALLIN!!

LV's Hottest shades!!

Ok! they're not the same...but you go try spending $1000 on some shades baller!!


Gevin a.ka G money

Gevin from The Shop conducting business early!!

Re-UP niggas!!

Pusha-T in the studio working on the new Re-Up gang album.. I had a chance to have an exclusive listenning session.. I tell you one thing these niggas are the best on talking that cooking crack, gettin money street shit hands down. Woorrd!!

Joe Budden/ Spades anyone?

Catch Joe Budden and some of his celebrity friends at STRADA in nyc for a celebrity SPADES tournament.. you got game and have money ?? Show up then!!

Shop's work/ picture percfect!!

damn..Pharrell stay with a sharp hair cut... and all you haters talking about you could probably give him a better one, stop lying. Shit damn near perfect.
barber: Johnny Cake

Starbury BUGGIN!!

Ok, so yesterday I read that NY Knicks coah Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden chairman Thomas Dolan were trying to decide whether or not to cut Stephon Murbury's playing time. I guess Stephon heard about it the same time I did because they say he was on the Knicks charter plane to a Phoenix Suns game when he found out he wasn't starting and stormed to the front of the plane to have a word with Isiah. Who knows what they said to one another, but witnesses claim Stephon came back in a huff telling teammates, "Isiah has to start me. I've got so much shit on Isiah and he knows it. He thinks he can fuck me. But I'll fuck him first. You have no idea what I know." Once the plane landed in Phoenix, Stephon took the next flight back to NY, skipping the game.

10 Malpractice Suits.. he needs to go to jail!!

Kanye West's mother, Dr. Donda West's, initial autopsy report is inconclusive pending toxicology reports, but whether or not Dr. Jan is at fault, a ton of skeletons have come crashing out of his closet. He has been sued for malpractice 10 times, 6 times in the last two years alone. One woman claims he left a surgical sponge in her breast. Another says within a week of undergoing liposuction and a tummy tuck from Dr. Jan, she had an infection and a gaping wound on her stomach. She also claims that on her last appointment with Dr. Jan, before he left on a European vacation, that he didn't give her a wound culture, didn’t take her blood pressure or wear gloves when he removed some of her sutures. Her 16-inch abdominal wound had to be repaired by another doctor. Another woman claimed Dr. Jan botched her breast augmentation so badly that she almost bled to death and was left with only one implant. A former girlfriend of Dr. Jan filed a restraining order against him, claiming alcohol had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide effect on him and that he was a danger to her and her children. Another woman, who bartended at a bar Dr. Jan frequented, sued him for sexual battery after claiming he got her drunk while she was heavily medicated, after undergoing surgery performed by him, and that he’d essentially date raped her causing pregnancy and a subsequent abortion. She also claims he botched her surgery. Another woman suing Dr. Jan claims he told her he was board certified and others say while he claims to have graduated from Harvard Medical School, public record show he received his MD from Ohio State University.


Fashion statement/ young bucks fressh to deff!

I understand the whole fashion shit.. Having the latest jeans, kicks and ect.. but money in the left has a dead beaver around his neck.. Talking about a Fashion statement!! Hey maybe he'll start some new shit, who knows??!!

Cassidy's hospital pictures revealed..

Damn..that's why everyone should wear a seat belt. Glad he made it through and is back at spitting them hot 16's.

Jadakiss Officially Signs To Roc-A-Fella Records

After endless talks, The Shop has learned that JADAKISS is now indeed, officially signed to Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records.

*read more click link: http://sohh.com/articles/article.php/12999

Foxy Brown Album Pushed Back, Manager Profiled On "American Gangster"

It seems that fans hungry for new material from Foxy Brown will have to wait a little bit longer, as the release date for her latest set, Brooklyn's Don Diva, has been pushed back until next year.
read more check link: http://sohh.com/articles/article.php/12996

Jay -Z at the Apollo

my man!!!
As u can see Jigga Man shuts down Harlem...a real American Ganster inside!!!