theshopTV x Jay Sean "the mistress" Mixtape

Jay Sean's forthcoming mixtape, The Mistress, which is scheduled for release on Sept. 6th.
The Mistress Track List:

1. Rouge `a Lèvres
2. The Mistress
3. Love - featuring Birdman
4. Sex 101- featuring Tyga
5. Message In A Bottle
6. Yesterday
7. She Has No Time
8. Say Yeah - featuring Lupe Fiasco
9. Can't Fall In Love
10. Movie
11. Same Old
12. Where I Wanna Be
13. Waiting In Vain
14. Where Do We Go
15. Sealed Lip

PAGE 31 ONline Pucblication Launch Party

Don't miss out on this sexy private event coming Wednesday, August 31st. Come out & Celebrate the launch of Page 31 and a MUST SEE performance by Pharrell Williams Protege 18 year old singer / songwriter  I Am Other / Interscope Recording Artist "Maxine Ashley." Trust me, your NOT going to want to miss this. Catered food, Open Bar, Sexy People, Industry Influentials & Good Times!



Recap from Nigel S. x G-Shock Rooftop Party NYC

Almost forgot to post this picture of my nigga Neeko(@Neeeko_Powerz), me(@staycaked), my homegirl Jasmine(@JWillzz1) and Pharrell(@4real4rell) at Nigel Sylvester's G-shock party in NyC. 

Throw back pic: Fab x Gevin

I was looking through my photo archive and I found this throw back picture of a young Loso and my son Gevin(4) at TheShop from back in 2004....sheesh! How time flies.


California Love

YES I'm wearing new STANCE JIGGA socks... you can find then at Zumiez, MACYs or your local skate shop. 
In LA cutting Jay in this amazing weather.. while back home we're waiting on a hurricane in which I have to get back 2..smh! here i'm standing at the edge of the infinity pool as I look over Downtown L.A.


Mimosa Fridays at TheShop

T.G.I.F is always celebrated with a glass of mimosa..for the Elite. Other barbershops may offer beer,water or even nutcrackers lol.. We at TheShop stay fresh and classy.


theshopTv x Abutta welcome to the Rc world.

@AAbutta infront of @theshopnj talking about his rc car and how its better and faster then my rc car...pay attention to his crunchy-face at the end of the video. Priceless!!

That Shit CRAY....

Georgetown Hoya get into a fight in exhibition game in China. from the looks of things I think they might-a lost.

Lego Van

Do hippies tend to be Lego fans? We're not sure, but if that's the case expect to be seeing a lot more tie-died apparel at your local Lego Store thanks to the Lego VW Camper Van ($120). A painstaking recreation of the T1 Camper from 1962 — also known as "the hippie van" — this 1,322-piece set includes details like the flat-four VW boxer engine above the rear axle, a pop-up roof, opening doors, a rounded roof and window frames, and an authentic interior including a sink, a bench that converts into a bed, a folding dinette table, an opening cupboard, a hippie-inspired color scheme, a lava lamp, and a t-shirt in the window that says "Make Lego models, not war."



I love this topic...

VIDEO: Lady Gaga " You and I "

Dashawn cutting Eric Nicks

Eric Nicks is a music industry veteran and one of the shop's most loyal customers.

Danny Macaskill - Industrial Revolutions

This dude is amazing on the bike...how do u even practice that shit! smh

A Buyer's Guide to "Watch the Throne" Music: GQ.com

                   A Buyer's Guide to "Watch the Throne" Music: GQ.com

VIDEO: Vado ''Celebration''

Finally a real Windproof Umbrella

Senz Windproof Umbrella
Not only has it won numerous awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, it was even considered for TIME Magazine’s invention of the year.Check out the really awesome video below which shows people using the umbrella to do crazy things.

Pine Green Foamposite Pro

I usually don't like boot looking sneakers but this one i think I'll wear..I'm feeling that pine green color.

Amy Winehouse Portrait made from Painkillers


This latest colorway of the Air Max LTD II Plus is expected to release soon at select Nike Sportswear retailers

GAGA is do to take over Barneys New York

Christmas is getting a makeover — Lady Gaga style: The singer and her team are going to reinterpret Santa's workshop and put it on display at Barneys.
She'll get an entire floor and take over the coveted windows starting in mid-November at the retailer's flagship Madison Avenue store, Mark Lee, Barneys CEO, announced Monday. There will also be a collection of Gaga's Workshop gift items that will raise money for a charity of her choice.
Campaign visuals, including a cartoon rendering of Gaga with long blue hair and a sparkly red jumpsuit, will be used to decorate shopping bags and other packaging, and will be featured on the company's website.
Barneys' typically nontraditional windows are a popular stop for holidays.


theshopTv: DJ Envy & Joe Budden at The Shop

Yaris Sanchez with the shop boys.

First episode of the resurgent theshopTv.
Caught Joe Budden getting cut and DJ Envy leaving The Shop.
Oh!, and how can we forget about "la culona" Yaris Sanchez.
These three are hilarious!


Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis [official Music video]

Love this video..simple but yet affective. Normally you don't see rappers having genuine fun in their videos. These two look like they had a ball filming this video....and is it me or Jay looks skinny and relatively young???   

DAY IN THE LIFE OF Johnny Cake the Barber

Before the night is over Pharrell surprises Nigel Sylvester by showing up unexpectedly to his birthday party. _thats LOve! 

Loic supposedly on the phone with Pharrell........

DuroCeo doing what he do!

Mick chilaxing...

Theophilus London performs at OPENING CEREMONY's block party in NYC.

 Solange Knowles strikes a pose for Me I mean the camera. lol!

Something is on my mind....I think is $$$
-THEN PHARRELL IN THE AOL BUILDING THEN HIT UP THE OPPENING CEREMONY'S BLOCK PARTY AND THEN NIGEL SYLVESTER B'DAY PARTY. consider this my disclaimer just incase the pics don't make sense...sorry i was tired! #souwannabeablogger

Pharrrell dressed in all Ralph Lauren(Purple Label)....and a sharp cut is now ready to attend  the Obama fundraiser dinner party in NYC.

Inside the Opening Ceremony store....everyone mingling.

Feris Bueller & I in the Opening Ceremony store enjoying our complementary drinks.

Guess who's the Dj at OPENING CEREMONY block party?

Entering the jungle....!

Cutting DUROCeo on the balcony of Jungle City studios.. NICE! 


Memphis Bleek Do My... ft. Jay-Z

I never get tired of watching this video...I be feeling like it's my video and shit. LoL!!
I cant believes this was filmed in 2000. -time flies!


Cool video on straight razor..a very important part of the trade that's lacking within our new generation of barbers. All barbers should know how to use the straight edge ( RAzor)...it's a must....... lets keep the tradition going.

Johnny Cake x DECON x Jason Goldwatch

So I'm at DECON's headquarters in NyC for a brief meeting earlier today and as I'm leaving Jason Goldwatch reveals a freshly mounted & framed STAR WARS poster. I've never seen before...in my head I'm thinking it's gotta be rare...and probably worth $$.



Beautiful Day in NYC

                                                                     OF THE WESTSIDE............


Mysterious Girl In Iconic Elvis Photo Finally Identified

More than five decades ago, a 21-year-old Elvis was caught on film giving a playful French kiss to a lovely--and unidentified--young woman. The photo became iconic; but even the photographer, Alfred Wertheimer, didn't know who the girl was. Her name, if not her image, remained unknown for years.
Until now. According to an interview with Vanity Fair, a 75-year-old real estate manager from Charleston has stepped forward to claim the identity of Elvis's anonymous "date for the day."

DJ Envy x The Shop

When Envy first pulled up to the shop with his new Farrari California  I thought it was a normal hard top... until he was ready to go and started to put the top down,I had to tell him to do it again so i could capture it on video and the shit looked like the Transformers for real..lol

-I think I'm in the wrong business...smh!

Kanye West Says He Feels People Look at Him Like Hitler

The rapper known for his outbursts struck again at the Big Chill festival in Herefordshire, U.K. where he was the headline act. "I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I'm (expletive) insane, like I'm Hitler," West said, according to the Associated Press. "One day the light will shine through and one day people will understand everything I ever did." West was subsequently booed by the crowd.