The Transformation Begins

So, Jose CEO is well due for a makeover has decided to make 2010 his comeback year.
He has joined The Gym and is well on his way to losing over 25lbs and more to come.
Johnny Cake will be taking care of the hair and
Shin "the stylist" will be hooking it up with a new wardrobe.
Stay tuned for the progress.
You can follow them daily - @JoseCEO , @Staycaked


Happy Birthday Johnny - @staycaked

We would all like to wish Johnny Cake a very Happy Birthday.

Thank you for being an inspiration to the rest of us and keep doing YOU. (pause)

Now go on and enjoy your *%th Birthday.

from your Shop family

Mr. Burns, Kyle "killa" The barber, A BUTTA "the barber" and Jose CEO