it's YOUr BOY!!! HOv.....

Glastonbury festival in London... ROckSTar...I mean RAp STAr JAY-Z stole the Show on Sunday.


Teaneck Armory Soldiers Report For Deployment

June 22, 2008The men and women of Fox Trot company reported for duty Sunday morning for "first formation," the start of a long and arduous year for these soldiers based out of the Teaneck Armory.
The soldiers will be deployed to Iraq, and for many, like Englewood barber and Private First Class David Morera, it's their first time overseas. "It's another day on the job, basically this is what I signed up for," Morera said. "I was looking forward to a deployment whether it was Iraq or Afghanistan, wherever they needed me." Morrera, only 27 years old, said he's looking for a new challenge.
Leonia high school graduate Private First Class Juan Estevez always knew of the Teaneck Armory, he just said he never saw himself coming here to line up and head off to war. "I always thought of myself as going to school full time, graduating, starting a family, but not going into battle," Estevez said. But the 23 year old added that he's ready to go. Estevez, like Morera, is shipping out for the first time.
Cliffside Park mailman Leon Yearty is heading to Iraq for his second tour of duty. Only this time, he leaves behind not just his wife. "My main thing was, this my first time being married with a little baby, and that's the hardest part," Yearty said. "I mean, she went through the first deployment with me, and now we've got a little kid in the middle. It's a little touching." Despite leaving their families behind, all the soldiers who spoke with NY1 said they're ready to go. Morera says the success of his deployment depends on being in the right mindset. "I'm looking for the challenge. I go out there, do what I got to do, do my job, and hopefully come back in one piece, cause, as you could, see all the guys that are coming back from over there are missing limbs and things like that," Morera said. "I'm not scared at all. If you think about it, I think that will mess you up." Foxtrot Company heads to Fort Bliss in Texas later this week for some extended training. Sometime in the near future it's off to Iraq.
- Jon Weinstein for TheShopNews ©


Boston cruises to its 17th NBA title by embarrassing L.A.

Kevin Garnett won't need to borrow one of Bill Russell's NBA championship rings. The Big Ticket finally won his own. 


Cash taken from Javon Walker in robbery

Newly acquired Oakland Raiders wideout Javon Walker seemed to be having a festive weekend until Monday morning. The Las Vegas Journal's one-eyed gossip dog, Norm!, spotted him at Tryst nightclub Saturday night "spraying the crowd with some of the 15 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose champagne he ordered." But Monday morning, it was a different story altogether as police found Walker unconscious on a street near the Tropicana Hotel, with an orbital fracture, seemingly the victim of a robbery.

Walker was taken to a Vegas hospital, where he was being treated for "significant injuries." The Raiders aren't saying anything until they gather more information, but it appears Walker won't be back on the field for mini-camp this summer.


RubberBand Man

FORBES>>>The Celebrity 100 #7 Jay-Z

Power Rank 7  
Pay $82 mil
Category: Hip-hop impresario
Brooklyn-born Jay-Z had a monster year, releasing a second platinum comeback CD, American Gangster. In April he signed a $150 million, 10-year recording, touring and merchandising deal with concert promoter Live Nation

Lil' Wayne Projected To Follow Kanye West's 950K 1st Week Sales

According to Entertainment Weekly, the album is set to surpass both of 2008's highest-selling first week albums, Mariah Carey's E=MC2 and Usher's Here I Stand which sold 463,000 and 433,000. 
UPdate...NEW YORK (AP) — Lil Wayne now has official numbers to back up his bragging — the rapper's new CD has sold a spectacular 1 million copies its first week. 


Amy Winehouse Racist?

NERD on Jay Leno

Jay-Z Headlining Glastonbury Festival

Jay-Z is headlining Glastonbury festival because Radiohead didn’t want to.

The rapper is topping the bill at the world famous music event on the Saturday night (28.06.08) – much to the anger and disappointment of many fans - but organiser Michael Eavis has confessed Jay-Z wasn’t his first choice.

He said: “I was working on getting Radiohead and I had a feeling they wanted to do it but, when it went down, I said to my daughter Emily, ‘Let’s go with Jay-Z. Phone his agent.’ ”

Emily – who helps her father organise the three-day music event – has defended Jay-Z as a choice of headliner, insisting it fits with the festival’s ethos.

She told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “People don’t want change and there’s an element who want it to be a Coldplay or Radiohead – but the best thing we can do is give people something different.

“A lot of people don’t understand why Jay-Z is headlining but they haven’t seen him live. He is phenomenal. Every time someone comes to this festival they discover new music – this year it will be a headliner.”

Emily and Michael have been saddened by the avalanche of criticism over this year’s line-up, with Emily saying: “It’s upset us having to defend the festival this year. It’s our home, we invite people here and it’s the best party in the world.”

Michael added: “This has been our life for 38 years, so of course it hurts when people have a go.”

Glastonbury festival takes place in Somerset, Southwest England, over the weekend of June 27-29.

Kings of Leon and The Verve join Jay-Z as headliners.


DJ Chuck T Claims Responsibility For Carter III Leak

In the seemingly never-ending conversation between Lil Wayne and mixape deejays that erupted last week after controversial statements were made in a Foundation Magazine interview, things just keep going further.
After Wayne clarified his remarks Friday night, saying the "fuck mixtape deejays" was directed to a few of profiteers, namely The Empire DJs, deejays still remain irritated with the artist's initial attitude. On Friday, New York's Doo Wop released a video compilation rallying against the New Orleans native rapper.
Subsequently, Charleston, South Carolina's DJ Chuck T sent an email blast making the June 10th release of Lil Wayne's The Carter III accessible to fans through free download. The deejay wrote, "Lil Wayne said 'fuck mixtape DJ's'...so now i'm about to show that boy the meaning of bootleg...I'll be damned if I let [anyone] get away with saying fuck me without him facing some type of repercussions, including [him]." The deejay said, "Don't buy the new Lil Wayne album. Download it for free!" providing readers with a link to a download site.
Self-proclaimed as "America's Most Well-Rounded DJ," Chuck T has worked with artists including David Banner, ESG, Trae and USDA. He has been releasing mixtapes since 2001.
Chuck T added giving Wayne a "pass" for kissing his adoptive father Birdman on the mouth in the past, as well as apologizing to Cash Money/Universal Records for his actions, fearing a strained relationship in the future. Neither company has commented on the incident at this time.

R. Kelly Trial: Prosecution Rests

The prosecution in the R. Kelly child pornography trial rested on Monday (June 2), but not before a final witness, Lisa Van Allen, 27, cried on the stand as she testified that she had three-way sexual encounters with Kelly and the alleged victim, whom prosecutors claim was as young as 13 when she had sex with Kelly. Van Allen testified that Kelly taped their trysts and alleged that last year he offered her $250,000 to recover one of the tapes. She told the court that Kelly seemed obsessed with taping his exploits and claims he carried around a bag full of the homemade videos. ''He carried it everywhere with him,'' she said. ''Wherever he was at, the bag would follow him.'' The defense claimed that Van Allen is a thief (she admitted that she once stole a $20,000 watch from Kelly) and that she was merely trying to extort money from the singer.

Kelly, 41, faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of child pornography for allegedly videotaping himself having sex with the alleged victim, who herself says she is not the person depicted in the tape, which is separate from the tapes Van Allen referred to. The prosecution showed the tape in court just hours after opening statements. It called more than a dozen witnesses over two weeks and rested after Van Allen's testimony. The defense begins its presentation today. (AP)


Dj Envy in front of 50,000

Bill Gates' Last Day...

Hallowee....No! I mean "Prom in the Ghetto."

Prom dresses sure have changed since i was in high school!


The token white guy. And His Mamma!
Who's Yo Momma?
Yes, that is a helicopter on her head...


What's holding those up?

He stole that hat from Boy George!

There is a Buick with missing seat covers somewhere in the hood.

Why all the "Po Pos" in the background?

What is that around her neck?

And, last but not least


Athlete of the year!!!

LiL Rob wins gold metal in track meet... But lost the fight the day before...lol
-Still a CHAMP in My book!!!