Giants Seek NFC East Title and Playoffs Sunday

Big game for the Giants this Sunday night.  They play the Cowboys on NBC at 8:20 this Sunday for a chance to win the division and make the playoffs.  Something tells me the Giants are gonna win and end up back in the SuperBowl this February in a rematch with the Patriots.  Remember you heard it here first; the Giants will defeat the Patriots in SuperBowl 46 or XLVI.  I’ve never really been one for Roman Numerals.

Verizon Convenience Fee Scrapped

Convenience Fee? Really? Not a convenience to Verizon wireless customers.  Verizon was in the process of charging customers an additional $2 to pay their bills online and via telephone before outraged customers forced the Telecommunications giant to retract the plan of the proposed fee.  The fee is by its own terms ridiculous because I don’t understand how charging someone an additional fee would make it more convenient for them to pay their bill, but I’m just sayin…’

Kanye Gives “Peace” a Chance

Read on the NY Post website today my guy Kanye reportedly ain’t performing on New Year’s for less than a million.  Kinda makes me wish I could rap.  The article went on to report that Yeezy sent out a tweet about wanting to DJ that night under the moniker, “Yeezy World Peace.”  Someone tell Kanye I’ll carry the record crates for a pair of Air Yeezy’s.

Kevin Durant Straight Servin’

How about Kevin Durant and the Thunder? Undefeated, 4-0.  I knew he was about to do work this season the way he went to every hood and dropped 60 on the best this summer.  I saw him play twice this summer in NYC at Dyckman and Entertainer’s.  He shut down both parks and the crowds went stupid.  KD playing like he still in Harlem or somethin’

Paula Patton in Idlewild

I definitely missed this one.  I made a few posts a couple days ago comparing Paula Patton and Halle Berry.  I think Paula Patton has a slight edge over Halle.  Then a few days later I saw her in Idlewild and I was like she’s even finer than I thought.  I seen the movie before but I didn’t even notice she was in it.  Paula Patton got the title right now, easy.

Heisman Trophy Shootout!

Not all people follow College Football but last night’s Baylor(Texas)-Washington game was a good one.  Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin had 2 touchdowns and nearly 300 passing yards, but the Washington quarterback, Keith Price had 7 touchdowns and almost 500 yards; both are pictured below.  The final score was 67-56 in favor of Baylor and the game was filled with touchdowns.

Knicks Need Defense

The Knicks looked very impressive on opening night but seem to be back up to their old misadventures on the defensive end after dropping games to the Warriors and Lakers.  Carmelo and Amare are not having problems on the offensive end but the Knicks just seem unable to get a stop when they need one on the defensive end.  Chandler was brought over to help the defense so hopefully they can correct the problem soon.  A little D' won't hurt.

Lakers Back on Track

The Lakers look like they are finally back on track. They have consecutive wins over the Jazz and Knicks, and get Andrew Bynum back from suspension for the next game.  No doubt they would have liked to have gotten Chris Paul but they still look like an OK squad after losing the first two games.


Mega Millions Jackpot Winning Ticket Sold in Long Island, NY

Turns out one lucky person from Long Island, NY purchased the winning Mega Millions lottery ticket.  The jackpot was $206 million with a $152 million cash option and there was only one winning ticket.  Somebody got an extra nice late Christmas gift.  Can’t even lie, I played, but I ain’t win.

Google Plus to Challenge Facebook and Twitter for Users in New Year

Turns out Google Plus might be the next big thing. The social networking site is predicted to reach 400 million user profiles in the next 6 months, but according to some is only the fourth busiest social networking site behind Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I don’t know too many people with Google Plus but it will be interesting to see if it reaches the notoriety of Twitter or Facebook.

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Lakers Finally Get a Win

The Lakers finally got a win yesterday against the Jazz.  They beat the Jazz by 25 behind strong games from Kobe and Pau Gasol and a good game from Ron Artest/Metta World Peace.  Kobe had one strong drive to the basket where he looked like his younger self.


Halle Berry In Boomerang

I gotta say Halle in Boomerang was definitely one of the finest on film for a long time.  Paula Patton is definitely going for that title though.  I really can’t pick though and I gotta call it a tie with a slight edge going to Paula Patton.

Paula Patton: Baddest Woman in Film

Anyone seen Mission Impossible 4 yet? Paula Patton is definitely the baddest woman out right now. I don’t really much care about Mission Impossible and all but I’m definitely going to check that out so I can see Paula Patton.  Before Paula Patton, I think the baddest woman in any movie was Halle Berry in Boomerang.  Before you tell me I’m tripping check the files. Paula Patton and Halle in Boomerang gotta be in the Fine Woman Hall of Fame or something, seriously.

Kobe and the winless Lakers

2 games into the season the Lakers are still without a win.  I expected a slow start with the failed Chris Paul trade but I definitely didn’t think the Lakers would be bad enough to lose to the Sacramento Kings.  The Kings played tough in front of their home crowd but the Kobe and the Lakers still looked a step slow. When will the Lakers get it together?

Manning and Pierre-Paul to represent Giants in Pro Bowl

The Giants starting Quarterback and Defensive End will represent them in this year’s Pro Bowl.  The selections are Eli Manning’s second and Jason Pierre-Paul’s first.  New Jersey native Victor Cruz was selected as an alternate.  If the Giants beat the Cowboy’s Sunday they are in the playoffs as the NFC East Champs.


Giants 29, Jets 14!

Respect to the Giants for coming up big over the Jets, 29-14, in the NFL “city championship” on Christmas Eve.  The Giants were able to keep themselves in playoff contention behind some strong running from Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw.  Jacobs’ post-game comments directed at Jets’ coach Rex Ryan were very strongly worded and it seemed like Ryan had very little to say for the first time in a while.  GO GIANTS!

NBA Christmas and the Undefeated Knicks!

The Knicks opened up the season with an impressive victory over the Celtics, led by 37 from Carmelo Anthony.  In the remaining games the Heat, Bulls, Thunder, and Clippers were able to pick up victories.  It also appears the story about Tyreek Amir Jacobs from DC being killed over Jordans on Christmas was an internet hoax; guess the joke was on me.


Jordan 11 Concord Absurdity!

Large crowds gather seeking $180 sneakers.
Large crowds gather seeking $180 sneakers

All over the county from Seattle to Staten Island there were outbursts of insanity over Sneakers. In Lithonia, Georgia a woman was arrested for leaving her kids in the car to wait on line; in Staten Island several unruly customers were arrested at the Staten Island Mall; in suburban-Seattle 20 people were pepper sprayed and one arrested for shoving an officer allegedly trying to maintain order; shots were fired in Richmond, CA outside the mall as people waited and four were arrested. And according to social media networking pages it appears a young man not even old enough to drink was MURDERED in DC. If true, RIP to Tyreek Amir Jacobs.

Really? Over Sneakers? And you can believe Michael Jordan was somewhere nice and warm last night while you fools embarrassed and degraded yourselves for nothing. Shameful Suckers.

RIP James Ramseur

27 years and a day ago Ramseur was gunned down by Bernard Goetz on a Manhattan-bound 2 train as it entered the Chambers St. station. Goetz claimed Ramseur was one of four black youths who attempted to rob him with a screwdriver and that he was only defending himself when he emptied 5 shots from a revolver into all four. He even hit 2 of them in the back which is interesting to say the least because it must be difficult to rob someone while you’re running away and your back is turned to them. Hailed by whites as a hero and known as the “Subway Vigilante,” he was acquitted of attempted murder charges and merely found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm.

Yesterday Ramseur took his own life in a Bronx motel by overdosing on prescription pills.


Smashed the V out in LI two nights ago. #FML


Plaxico Burress and the Night Before Christmas

When asked about the game Saturday Burress replied, “somebody’s gonna wake up with a bittersweet Christmas and it’s not going to be me.”  I’m pulling for the Giants this Saturday but I respect Burress’ bravado.  He said he would like to score maybe three or four touchdowns, which is fine by me so long as the Giants have more points on the board when the game ends.  Who are you pulling for on Saturday?

A Very Jordan Christmas

They drop tomorrow.  I remember when these came out the first time I was only in 5th grade and I still had them before anyone I knew, including adults. Those days been gone though, and Mike got waaaayyyy too much paper for me to be sponsoring his christmas.  Have at it folks! Hopefully you are able to get a pair and may they bring you the same joy they brought me 15 years ago. Where does all the time go....

Knicks top Nets 88-82

In their preseason finale the Knicks knocked off the nets 88-82 before a sell-out crowd.  The Knicks only shot 34% but were still able to defeat the Nets thanks to some timely defensive plays.  The Garden crowd had no love for jilted-Kardashian lover Kris Humphries and proceeded to jeer him every time he touched the ball.  Hopefully the Knicks will carry this energy into their Christmas Day battle with the Celtics.  Stay tuned.

Money Mayweather Lands 90-day Jail Sentence

Mayweather received a ninety day jail sentence yesterday for beating up his kids’ mother, threatening to beat his kids while he beat their mother in front of them, and taking her iPhone.  Allegedly because she was dating another man. Hmm. Women beaters get no love May’ no matter how much of a fan I was. I don’t dislike the guy primarily because I understand that things happen and I wasn’t there, but I assure you I’ll be in no rush to watch or order another Mayweather fight anytime soon.


Monta Ellis be illin'

Ok, so maybe I’m not dating a female matinee idol, but sexts to this chick? She’s like a 3.5 on the best day she ever had and she’s alleging Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis sent her several racy picture and text messages several times a day.  Maybe they had a relationship, maybe they didn’t, but in any event the texts Ellis sent form the base of her sexual harassment suit against the Golden State Warriors and Ellis.  She just might come up on some spread thanks to this thirstbucket Ellis.

Jules Manson, professional clown.

Manson was an unsuccessful Carson City Council candidate.  Of greater import though are his latest facebook comments.  It appears Manson had some things on his chest when he posted, “Assassinate the Nucking Figger” on his facebook page in a rant directed at President Obama. The Secret Service investigated and showed up to his home to interview he and his family in order to determine the credibility of the threat.  Word? It’s like that? Somebody tell this clown racism been played out.  We may not all get along but the time and place for public displays of bigotry have been long gone.  Get it together folks.


Rappers sell raps right? Not drugs and guns...

Now here’s a message for all you thirsty ass rappers out there.  Turns out the ATF and DC Metro police were posing as industry insiders and set up a fake studio for fictitious rapper “Richie Valdez” and fake label “Manic Enterprisess,” in a Northeast DC rowhouse.  During a yearlong sting operation they were able to arrest 70 suspects and confiscate the guns you see above which included 161 firearms, a rocket launcher, 29 assault weapons, 80 pounds of meth, 21 pounds of cocaine, 1.25 gallons of PCP, and 24 pounds of pot, ecstasy, and heroin.  They were even introduced to a Gun supplier from Georgia with alleged ties to the La Familia Mexican Drug Cartel.  Maybe the Hip Hop police do exist.

Chris Paul and the new Clippers

Is this a sign of things to come? The league denied the Lakers trade which would have landed them Chris Paul and allowed Paul to be traded to the Laker’s Staples Center roommate, the LA Clippers.  And last night the Clippers smoked the Lakers by 19 like a pack of Kools.  It was a preseason game but damn; the Lakers just looked like some sorry simps all together.  It is preseason, but I would have to put the Clippers right up there with Dallas and OKC to contend for the West this year.  These aren’t your parent’s 60-loss Clippers anymore kids so stay tuned…

Trent Arsenault, Donorsexual.

Meet Trent Arsenault.  Trent, self-proclaimed “Donorsexual,” Hewlett-Packard Engineer, and Freemont, CA resident, has been privately arranging sperm donations for over 5 years and has fathered 14 children and has more on the way. His activities have even landed him the cover story in this month’s Newsweek magazine.  The problem is Federal Regulations require Blood and STD tests before bodily fluids, tissues, and organs can be donated.  Arsenault says he does it to help couples who can’t afford the services of sperm donation clinics, and has hired a law firm to challenge the FDA testing regulation.


TSA to Freddie Gibbs: "C'Mon Son"

If I tried I couldn’t even make up a story this funny.  Turns out rapper Freddie Gibbs took a flight with some contraband items in his checked luggage.  Apparently consumed by the Holiday Spirit, the TSA let Gibbs slide and instead of taking action left him a note stating his bags had opened for inspection with a short note from a TSA agent saying, “C’mon Son.”  The whole episode seems like something straight out of How High or Half Baked don’t it?  This picture is still in the recent photos section of Gibbs twitter page if you want the first hand pic.

Jerome Issac, the unofficial spokesman for Cra'

I used the hook from Brothers in Paris to describe the man because his alleged actions went waaaayyyyy above and beyond anything that could even remotely be described as crazy.  Jerome Isaac allegedly cornered a 73 year old woman in a Brooklyn elevator, sprayed her with a flammable liquid, and then threw an incendiary device (Molotov cocktail) in the elevator with her and burned her to death; allegedly over $2000.  It appears the fire burned hot because Isaac showed up in court for his arraignment today with burns on his face.  Look at him; the man just reeks of pure, unadulterated CRA’…

Darnell Wilson Gets 3 Life Terms for Stealing

So maybe he's guilty but 3 consecutive life sentences for shoplifting from Kohl's?  It is reported that he committed 4 felonies outside the state of Mississippi before being arrested there for Shoplifting.  Even so, the sentence seems to far outweigh the appropriate punishment for the crime but I guess a life sentence for stealing in Mississippi is ok.  Turns out under Mississippi's version of the three strikes rule, felonies that you may have committed in states other than Mississippi can be considered in determining whether an offender may be sentenced to life in Prison there.  Recession or not, it's been and still is open season on a black man out here. 


Kim Jong Il is dead

The man was the leader of North Korea, one of the few remaining communist countries in the world.  CNN once reported Kim Jong Il spent between $650k and $720k on Hennessy alone in 1993 and 1994 and a majority of North Korean citizens have yearly incomes of less than $900.  Some guy.  It is also believed that North Korea possessed nuclear weapons on Kim Jong Il's watch.  Many are concerned about what might happen with those hypothetical weapons during the transition in power.

Just when thought writing with both hands was hard

If someone was to tell you they can draw with both hands at the same time. You would probably think they were out of their mind..right! Well, this video proofs anything is possible.
Now imagine if was able to cut with both hands at the same time ...wow I'll be really doubling my money..hahhaa!

Jim Jones - The Paper (remix) ft. Wacka Flocka

Baron Davis is a Knick!

The man was in the shop getting cut before he even officially became a Knick. Then, BANG! The call came through while my guy Baron Davis was in the chair, and he officially became a Knick. That 12 pm Knicks-Celtics game just got better and THE SHOP brought you the news first.

Respect to my guy Baron Davis.
First in Fresh, First in Headlines. The Shop.

NBA returns next week!

The NBA returns in a big way on Christmas Day with 5 nationally televised games that begin at 12 pm when the Knicks play the Celtics and end with Chris Paul's Clippers facing off against the Warriors and new coach Mark Jackson.

What game or games are you looking forward to the most?


US Ends 9-year Iraq Conflict

Whether you were for or against it,US military occupation of Iraq will end in a few days and formal ceremonies were held today to mark the end of the conflict. Most of the debates tend to focus on the alleged weapons of mass destruction that were never found or the fact that the entire country of Iraq was alleged to have participated in the awful September attacks. In any event there should be a lot more happy troops home to celebrate the holidays with family this season, something we can all be thankful for.

Whitewall Magazine X Pharrell

Chris Paul Officially traded to The L.A Clippers and watch Blake Griffin"s Reaction

<a href='http://www.foxsportswest.com/pages/video?UUID=f65dd4c0-64d9-492e-9b4f-7a1be9c54874&src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Lob City' >Video: Lob City</a>


Cincinnati-Xavier Brawl

If you weren't watching this weekend Cincinnati and Xavier had a melee on Saturday near the end of their game, which Xavier won. Cincinnati players got the exchange started earlier in the week with a few incendiary comments to the media and posted on the internet. The comments spoke down of the Xavier players, who responded by thoroughly outplaying Cincinnati on the court. Feeling vindicated and sensing a victory, the Xavier players then began to talk back on the court and the brawl quickly ensued. When the dust settled the Xavier player in the middle of this still picture was leaking from the face and players from both teams were issued suspensions ranging from 1 to 6 games.

If you haven't seen the footage yet a "Cincinnati-Xavier" internet search will yield more video of the brawl than you can stand.

Dashawn Watson Urban Daily Interview

The Urban Daily spent a few minutes with Barber Extraordinaire Dashawn Watson to see what makes him go. During the course of the interview Watson explains how he began cutting friends' hair, talks about cutting Charlie Murphy and other high profile clients, and why some people can't use razors or scissors for their haircuts. Revealing his lighter side, Dashawn even jokes about wanting to cut Jamie Foxx's hair because Foxx's haircut sometimes looks a little twisted.

The article is a nice, informative read. Here is a link: http://theurbandaily.com/special-features/g-list/kimosorio/dashawn-watson-g-list-interview/


Pharrell Williams, Academy Awards Music Consultant

Pharrell just added a new title to an already long list of superlatives and credits that could be used to describe his music and film career. It has been confirmed that Pharrell will be a Music Consultant for this year's Academy Awards. He has already composed music for movies like the Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean among others. Congratulations to my guy.

And the winner is...

Kobe Bryant and CP3, Maybe...

First the deal was on, then it was off, and now it seems like there might be a chance that the deal may be back on again. What makes the whole thing so interesting is the fact that it seems like this has never really happened before in basketball. I can't ever remember the NBA commissioner blocking a trade that teams othewise freely came to terms on. Hopefully the deal gets done after all because I am pretty interested to see what the Lakers will look like on opening day.


Chris Paul to the Lakers...Oh wait, that deal is Off.

In a rather bizarre twist of events just reeking of foul play or jealousy on someone's part, Chris Paul became a Laker and then all of a sudden was not. Sources are reporting owners asked Stern to call the deal off and try to make sure Chris Paul stayed a New Orleans Hornet for the foreseeable future. The Hornets are owned by the League, and David Stern is the League commissioner so I guess he has the authority to make this type of decision. Still seems pretty foul if you ask me, no pun intended; trust me.

Albert Pujols, Welcome to the Quarter-Billionaire's Club!

Albert pujols signed a 10-year, $254 million dollar contract today to play for the Anaheim Angels. I guess with money like that the green light comes on in the stripper's dressing room when he walks in the club.