Kate Moss to sue the News Of The World over orgy claims

Supermodel Kate Moss has ordered her lawyers to sue British Sunday tabloid the News of The World over allegations that she had a cocaine fueled orgy with 3 pals during a bash for her 34th birthday last Wednesday.

The News of The World claimed that Kate got “hot and sweaty” with two female models and a male guest - while a crowd of onlookers “snorted cocaine and ogled the eye-popping performance.”

They even quoted a source as saying: “Kate was loving the attention from the girls, the bloke—and the crowd. It was standing room only.

“They were all over each other but it was her night.”

“Kate kept disappearing into the toilets with her friends for giggles and girly chats. She was full of energy that night.”

“Security was watertight,” the source allegedly claimed to the newspaper. “Nobody made it through the suite doors who wasn’t already on a pre-approved list. Once you were inside it was obvious why.

“People were doing cocaine all over the place. They were chopping out line after line on the expensive furniture and snorting it up. The lights were low and there were scented candles all over the place.

“When Kate arrived, she reached for a Diamond Chaser—a cocktail of vintage champagne and cognac—and made her way to the master bedroom.”

A rep for Kate’s modeling agency Storm has slammed the report - branding it ‘false and defamatory’.

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