P Diddy wants to change his name again..

Rap bad boy P Diddy is changing his nickname for the sixth time - and now he wants to be known as Sean John.

The 38-year-old hip-hop mogul, whose real name is Sean John Combs, will have the same title as his fragrance.

The New Yorker, who has also gone by the aliases Puff, Puffy, Puff Daddy, and Diddy, said: “I have always evolved and taken a different name each time.

“It’s nothing unusual where I come from.

“Right now I want to be Sean John because that’s where I am.”

In 2005, Combs - who was then known as ‘Puff Daddy’,  appeared on the Today Show and announced that he was altering his stage name yet again, dropping the “P.” and referring to himself simply as “Diddy,” saying that “the P was getting between me and my fans.”

However, by changing his name to simply ‘Diddy’ - he upset Richard “Diddy” Dearlove, a London based DJ, who threatened to sue Combs, and an out of court settlement of $220,000 was agreed. As a result, Puff Daddy was unable to use the name Diddy in the UK.

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