ATLANTA — He won’t go away. He is well past his prime, boxing’s version of a future baseball Hall of Famer still toiling in the minors.

Fabrice Coffrini/Agence France-Presse

Holyfield admits to the aches and pains of age. But his trainer, Tim Hallmark, says: “If I felt Evander wasn’t physically capable of fighting, I would be the first to say that.”

Evander Holyfield: dedicated or delusional? Courageous or crazy? At 46, he does not care what boxing fans think. For those urging him to get a life or to find normalcy, whether out of care and concern for him or simply the desire to shove the doyen off boxing’s stage, he says: “I have respect for that. But that’s just your opinion. I have an opinion, too.”

His opinion holds that he has one good bout left, maybe more, in his still sculptured body. He will try to summon it Saturday in Zurich in a match with Nikolai Valuev, a 7-foot Russian.

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