Jordan 11 Concord Absurdity!

Large crowds gather seeking $180 sneakers.
Large crowds gather seeking $180 sneakers

All over the county from Seattle to Staten Island there were outbursts of insanity over Sneakers. In Lithonia, Georgia a woman was arrested for leaving her kids in the car to wait on line; in Staten Island several unruly customers were arrested at the Staten Island Mall; in suburban-Seattle 20 people were pepper sprayed and one arrested for shoving an officer allegedly trying to maintain order; shots were fired in Richmond, CA outside the mall as people waited and four were arrested. And according to social media networking pages it appears a young man not even old enough to drink was MURDERED in DC. If true, RIP to Tyreek Amir Jacobs.

Really? Over Sneakers? And you can believe Michael Jordan was somewhere nice and warm last night while you fools embarrassed and degraded yourselves for nothing. Shameful Suckers.

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