RIP James Ramseur

27 years and a day ago Ramseur was gunned down by Bernard Goetz on a Manhattan-bound 2 train as it entered the Chambers St. station. Goetz claimed Ramseur was one of four black youths who attempted to rob him with a screwdriver and that he was only defending himself when he emptied 5 shots from a revolver into all four. He even hit 2 of them in the back which is interesting to say the least because it must be difficult to rob someone while you’re running away and your back is turned to them. Hailed by whites as a hero and known as the “Subway Vigilante,” he was acquitted of attempted murder charges and merely found guilty of illegal possession of a firearm.

Yesterday Ramseur took his own life in a Bronx motel by overdosing on prescription pills.

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